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New advances in the digital printing sector

NUDEC has successfully tested NUDEC®PET on Canon Océ Arizona digital printing platforms. 

The prestigious Japanese company Canon, specialists in optical and image capture and reproduction products, has been selected to test NUDEC®PET plastic sheets for their suitability as high-quality, rigid digital printing supports. These sheets are characterised by their transparency and high degree of impact resistance and offer high-definition printing with equally high levels of adherence and saturation, making them an excellent product choice for the creation of advertising panels and posters. 

For some years now the printing sector has been immersed in a revolution brought about by both the availability of new printing devices and the inks employed in the printing process. Year after year companies launch a seemingly endless range of technical solutions designed to offer additional flexibility and personalisation. In addition to optimising the digital printing process, the industry also offers possibilities that pave the way for new, previously unthinkable applications and formats, such as large-format lenticular printing.

The advertising sign and poster sectors can now avail of additional options for their innovative projects: NUDEC®PET plastic sheets and the two new printers in the Océ Arizona range - the 6-colour Arizona 6160 XTS and the 7-colour Arizona 6170 XTS). In addition, the expansion into other sectors is occurring at a dizzying rate, and high-quality digital printing on rigid supports such as plastic offers creative solutions for interior designers, window and POS dressers, plastic art decorators and many other applications in which the versatility of the product means it can be adapted to a wide range of creative proposals.

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What is iFrost plastic?

NUDEC®PMMA iFrost plastic sheets are manufactured from acrylic* raw materials using the extrusion method. During the process the plastic sheet passes through two rollers, each of which lends it a distinct finish, one gloss and one matte.

These velvety sheets offer a smooth, warm and sophisticated appearance when lit and present a wide range of lighting application possibilities, in particular LED-based backlighting designs, thanks to their exclusive light transmission and diffusion properties. The matte surface is coarse and, in addition to defining the physical aspects of the product, offers a higher level of resistance to abrasion from contact with other materials while simultaneously preventing the customary fingerprint marks.

Depending on the design of the lamp or sign, NUDEC®PMMA iFrost plastic sheets are capable of diffusing the LED light source, a characteristic that is highly regarded among lighting sector specialists. Signs, backlighting for advertising signs, shades for lamps and other accessories and luminous panels are just some of the applications that are already using this product.

* The finish of the plastic iFrost plates is due to use of a raw material that contains microspheres, providing enhanced light distribution and an optimum balance between light transmission and diffusion.

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Black methacrylate

Luxury goods such as the finest perfumes and cosmetics use point-of-sale (POS) advertising as a means of promotion in shops and shopping centres, where the product is displayed using imaginative lighting and design techniques in an effort to stimulate admiration, and therefore sales.

Whether by presenting goods using a display case, an elevated platform or a suggestive treasure chest, the task of decorators and image technicians is to make a product stand out from the competition. All companies that sell their product directly to the end consumer are aware of the importance of attracting attention, particularly when the sales context is advantageous. When radio and television spots have exhausted their possibilities, POS advertising comes into its own.

In an effort to target precisely these applications, NUDEC have launched a new product, NUDEC®PMMA Piano Black, a product that adapts perfectly to the demands particular to such exclusive products: superior quality and ease of adaptation to creative designs. Piano Black acrylic sheets feature unbeatable surface gloss (mirror effect), total opacity and a high degree of intensity and depth.

Displays manufactured from, or which feature NUDEC®PMMA Piano Black plastic sheets are perfectly at home among this degree of exclusivity as their uniformity of surface colour allows the design to speak for itself. For precisely this reason they are used in top-end vehicle interiors as well as for furniture, interior decoration and trophies.

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6 reasons for choosing PMMA HI

Scientific advances have produced an abundance of new products designed specifically to become part of and enhance our everyday existence. Among these products we can highlight titanium foam, which is highly resistant and very light and has medical applications, and upsalite, the most absorbent substance ever created.

Another material giving rise to great expectation is PMMA HI, a high-impact polymethacrylate modified with an elastomer that lends the product a high degree of mechanical resistance. NUDEC®PMMA HI plastic sheets offer an optimal combination of impact resistance and optical quality while maintaining optical properties and a degree of stability against weather and UV radiation similar to that offered by the standard PMMA range, meaning they are ideally suited to outdoor use.

PMMA HI is classified according to its degree of resistance. Our standard range offers level 25 (medium level impact resistance, for applications that require slightly more resistance than standard PMMA) as well as level 50 (for projects that require a high degree of impact resistance). With regard to non-standard products (please consult manufacturing possibilities and minimum quantities) that present characteristics approaching those of polycarbonate in terms of impact resistance, NUDEC offers NUDEC®PMMA HI 75, a product especially designed for applications such as the protection of machinery, coverings and glazing, and urban installations that require anti-vandalism surfaces.

The six primary reasons for choosing NUDEC®PMMA HI are:

1. Weather resistance without the need for additional protective layers.

2. High degree of impact resistance (the suitable level should be chosen in function of the application).

3. Excellent light transmission and clarity (in addition to excellent surface shine).

4. Thermoforming is just as easy as that of basic-level PMMA.

5. The possibility of working with thinner sheets than other polymers.

6. Suitability for use in applications in which polycarbonate was previously the only option (level 75 NUDEC®PMMA HI).

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